The Douka Paris brand

About Douka Paris

Founded in 2013 by designer Diane Douka, Douka Paris is much more than a fashion brand; it’s a symbol of French elegance.
From its inception, Douka Paris has captivated the luxury accessories market with its identity, style, and creativity.

Our Story

The story of Douka Paris is a tale of love for fashion and design. After 15 years working in Kenzo’s style office, designer Diane Douka founded the brand with the desire to convey graphic and contemporary elegance through her collections to an international audience.

Our products

Our Scarves

Scarves in Movement, natural and contemporary.

Designed in the creator’s Parisian workshop, all Douka Paris scarves are Made in France, Italy, or the Netherlands, combining innovative techniques and quality excellence standards. Each scarf tells a story, blending patterns and colors that evoke movement, art, and culture. Douka Paris scarves elevate every outfit. The brand draws inspiration from the world of dance, mimicking the freedom of movement. The collections are crafted from carefully selected materials such as silk, cotton, and cashmere. Enhanced by these natural and noble materials, the scarf can be transformed into clothing, be worn as jewelry, or serve as an accessory, providing a different pleasure every day to those who have adopted it.

Our Jewelry

Douka Paris offers a jewelry line focused on the purity of lines and the vibrancy of colors. Our jewelry is Made in France, and each piece is designed to add a brilliant touch to your style.

Our Perfumes

All our fragrances are produced in France, in the heart of Provence, in the Grasse region, the French capital of perfume. Each Douka Paris perfume is an olfactory journey and a unique sensory experience.

Our Home Accessories 

Douka Paris home accessories bring a graphic and colorful touch to your interior. Each element is designed to create an elegant and warm atmosphere. All our ceramics are handmade in Vallauris, Provence, and worked as unique pieces with a resolutely artistic and artisanal spirit. Our chic and contemporary design cushions blend graphics and elegance, adding an original touch to all your interiors.

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