The Douka Paris brand

Scarves in motion, natural and contemporary...

The brand’s universe is impregnated with the concern for perfection and creativity that characterize Diane Douka; lightness, softness and elegance are the key words to define her label, where the rigor of the square delimits the silkiness of the material and the liveliness of the colors, and where the originality of the patterns does not exclude the permanence of the guideline.

Designed in the designer’s Parisian workshop, all scarves are made in Como, Italy, with a know-how that combines innovative techniques and standards of qualitative excellence.

The brand is inspired by the world of dance, whose freedom of movement all our scarves imitate.
The collections are made of carefully selected materials: silk, cotton and cashmere.
Sublimated by these natural and noble materials, the scarf can be transformed into a garment; it can also be worn as a jewel or as an accessory, bringing a different pleasure every day to those who have adopted it…