Each piece is unique and will bring a warm decorative touch to your interior!

Large scented candle.

Natural soy wax.

Cotton wick.

Our ceramic vases are handmade in Provence in Vallauris, the capital of French artistic pottery, in collaboration with the ceramist Caroline Duriez.

Our candles are made in France, in Grasse, French “capital” of scents.

Once your candle is finished, you can also use it as a decorative vase!

Additional information

Weight 1,300 g
  • Autonomy : +/- 140 hours
  • H 16 cm, ø 9 cm

Keep the candle within sight.
Keep it out of reach of children.
Place it in an upright position on a suitable surface.
Keep it away from draughts and any flammable objects.
Allow your candle to burn for 1 to 3 hours maximum.
After each use, remove any debris or wick residue and cut the end of the wick.
The wick should always be clean and no longer than 0.5 cm.